Starting a New Job Distantly During Coronavirus? Here’s What You Need to Know to Succeed

It’s organic to have first-day jitters once you start a new task. But what if your first morning is remote? What if a number of days after that can also be remote depending the company keeps folks residence as a result of often the coronavirus? And what if you aren’t able to meet your own personal manager as well as colleagues face-to-face for a while? How will you get to know your own coworkers, get up to pace on how to do your job, or perhaps know who else to contact when you have questions?

Because companies transfer their staff to far off work to be able to stem often the spread associated with COVID-19, new employees will likely be onboarding virtually. Instead of the standard half-day direction where you get your notebook computer, supplies, as well as paperwork, then enjoy a welcome lunch using your new colleagues— and the next few weeks of bumping straight into new folks around the company as you get your bearings in the role— doing this will need to end up being handled from a safe range.

For businesses that actually have a lot of remote control employees, this might not be a big deal. But for institutions that aren’t accustomed to possessing employees work at home, let alone pleasant and training them through afar, often the onboarding process and precisely what comes after is actually a little uneven.

“It’s daunting to try to come up with a start with a whole new company in this particular environment, ” says Carla Bevins, associate teaching professor of organization communication with Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School involving Business. The woman recommends which new personnel remain versatile and person. “Keep planned that the corporation hired an individual for a purpose, ” she says. “Give yourself time to note of and to come to be comfortable getting work done in this new strange environment. ”

Here are several tips to help you navigate starting a new task remotely.

– Prepare for an alternative Type of Onboarding
If Stacy Yu started an advertising position in March 18 at a international membership connections for contagious disease pros in New york, DC, she and your girlfriend manager found at the office nevertheless sat six feet aside. Her director attached typically the laptop to a projection program and confirmed her getting documents around the shared travel, explained what her part would be and the way to reach out to THIS if the woman had a problem connecting to the network.

In comparison, Hannah Brown, who was appointed as a marketing communications manager to get a non-profit pub association likewise in California, DC, started her brand-new position distantly on February 1 . The manufacturer mailed a laptop on her home then her supervisor onboarded her virtually using Zoom.

The point is that logistics might be treated differently determined by policies at the new company and the fast-changing public health problem. Consider trying ahead of time to learn what the method will look like to suit your needs. You can send out a quick note to your employer or HUMAN RESOURCES contact and email a newly purchased manager to state you’re conscious the company has been performing remote act on the moment a result of the pandemic and ask how could possibly be handling often the logistics associated with onboarding because of the situation.

2 . Comprehend Expectations
You might want to take some extra time and energy to understand your current manager’s targets on everything through individual jobs to your all round onboarding, particularly when you’re commencing a job which wasn’t intended to be remote, claims Heidi Parsont, CEO along with founder involving TorchLight Seek the services of in Alexandria, VA.

Since your manager as well as colleagues probably will not be working in exactly the same building, on the phone to just remain in to ask an instant question and so they can’t assist you to course-correct in real time quite while easily. And so you’ll want to always be proactive and make sure you understand your own personal role along with the tasks you will be working on. Whenever you discuss a new project, as an illustration, be sure to inquire when deliverables are owing and how your current boss wish to receive these.

As you aim to ramp upwards from afar, check in to verify if there are almost any tools, programs, or functions you need to discover, when you should plan to undertake speed to them, and whether there’s just about any training it is possible to access distantly or someone in particular you need to reach out to with regard to help.

Within your first week or maybe more, make sure to review what ambitions you should be trying to hit with your first fifty, 60, along with 90 days. Your own boss could have sketched out the beginnings associated with such a arrange for you or else you might be able to set one collectively yourself depending on your early on conversations. Irregardless, review the program with your office manager to ensure if you’re on the same web site.

While you’re each learning to interact remotely, your personal boss may want to check in with you more frequently than usual but which necessarily mean they trust a person, Parsont claims. You can perform to build that trust by means of setting crystal clear expectations after which meeting (or exceeding) all of them.

3. Discover how Your Workforce Communicates
While you, your own personal manager, including your coworkers are all working remotely— perhaps to the first time— it’s particularly important to discover how everyone would rather communicate, so that you know if to monitor your own personal email, Slack, or another station your team relies on. (Keep in mind that a colleagues may still be working out their selections as they conform to new programs. )

They Yu works together prefers to make use of a corporate conversation system which allows users to point if they’re available, in the meeting, or offline as opposed to using e-mail for all their bad reactions. Knowing whether or not your coworker is on-line or in a assembly sets the actual expectation involving when to anticipate a response, she says. “We also use videoconferencing with regard to meetings just as much as we can and so there is several level of man interaction, ” she adds.

If your friends are full with electronic mail, ask in case they’d try some fine call or even instant message for speedy questions, Brown suggests. “Asking through email extends typically the timeline because people have to view the email, learn it, and also respond, ” she says. “People often neglect how uncomplicated it is to get the phone and inquire, ” in particular when it’s a basic question— for example, “What’s the date of the next table meeting? ” — and if that missing out on information is definitely preventing from completing a task.

It’s especially important to access the same page regarding interaction with your boss. For example , do they like to obtain one-off questions as they set up in e mail, via talk, or simply by phone as well as video call up? If it’s the actual latter, do these cards want a manages in advance? As well as would they rather an individual collect the batch associated with questions ahead of coming to these individuals? Are there times during the the day or week that they can like to do heads-down work and do not want to be disturbed?

Having a good sense of your brand-new coworkers’ interaction preferences can make it simpler and more relaxed for everyone to get to know one another and foster beneficial and productive interactions. And you will probably be able to trim on individuals to learn often the ropes with no ruffling any feathers.

some. Ask for More Information
If a coworker actually reaches out simply by email or perhaps chat with a good assignment or task, check if you can schedule a telephone call or video clip meeting to talk about the venture, Parsont claims. Ask them questions to better understand their role, what they require accomplish, and exactly their focal points are, she says.

This will enable you to understand how work relates to much larger projects in addition to goals in the organization, enable you to fulfill their request since best you could, enable you to get sufficient speed more quickly, and ultimately help it become easier so that you can succeed at the job.

Send out an email this says something similar to: “Thanks for sending more than this task. Can we hop on quick phone call/video chat along with talk about the item? I’d like to drive more context for the assignment to higher understand exactly what is needed and exactly how I can understand done nearly all effectively. ”

5. Point out to People Who You might be
Starting up a new work always will involve introducing you to ultimately a lot of fresh people because they learn you and what you need to do. That process might take just a little longer along with require a tad more of an effort in your part when you start remotely, even though your manager or HR sent out some kind of introduction email address.

Because you won’t be casually jogging into your fellow workers in the office home or from the elevator, it could be necessary to reintroduce yourself and also remind your current colleagues on your name and role while contacting them by email address or participating in a conference phone or online video meeting, states Adam Cruz, senior specialist and management coach from Right Managing in Arlington, VA (no relation to Hannah Smith). Which especially true to get folks beyond your instant team. And it’s really easy: Before you make your feedback or questioning your query, simply status your name and talk about you’re fresh to the company.

a few. Keep Your Sculpt Clear and also Neutral to begin
And soon you can gauge your colleague’s personalities, it’s a wise idea to keep often the tone of your emails and also other communications reasonably neutral. Take care about picking “Reply All” and avoid employing too many abbreviations, jargon, slang, and emoji, Adam Williams suggests, at least at first.

Inside your first nights and months, pay attention to how your supervisor, teammates, as well as other long-time workers talk to one another and utilize that as a guide.

As well as whether occur to be writing an email or speaking with someone, ensure that the reason for your communication is obvious. For instance, it may be useful to hole your email messages by including the words “Question” or “For your review” at the start with the subject series.

During a video clip or seminar call, speak clearly inside complete content and be distinct about what you want to discuss or even ask. For example, if someone brings up a topic which applies to work and you want to ask a follow-up question, certainly state your name and explain that you would like to get more details to help you develop an entirely project if you’re tackling in your new purpose.

7. Study Your Acquaintances and Find Do the job Buddies
Consider inquiring your supervisor to send away an launch that you’ve joined the team together with a note that you should welcome names or online video meetings to get to know your colleagues better, Hannah Smith indicates. Whether or not they accomplish, you can definitely reach out to persons you know you may working with to be able to introduce on your own and set upward a speak.

You might want to maintain the organizational information or the team page handy during mobile phone and movie meetings above your first days for effortless context. Then follow up with co-workers afterward to create virtual espresso chats individuals questions of their roles, the particular projects they may working on, and what they think you have to know about the organization, as well as to talk about a bit regarding the work you may doing.

Should you be worried about getting a trusted associate to ask inquiries or to reversal ideas away from, consider imagining back to individuals you attained and chatted with on your interview procedure and reaching out to them, Parsont says. Or “if you discover someone who is chatty on a call, try and expand the actual conversation simply by asking these individuals about their selves, ” the woman adds. Create a rapport and discover shared experiences by wondering questions above the scope of your do the job, such as: So what can you like to perform when you’re not working? What’s your chosen book or movie?

If you find a friend you click on with within a larger conference, invite these phones a one on one virtual coffees chat, Blevins says. “Just because you’re not face-to-face won’t mean you can’t reach out and create these relationships, ” she says.

Starting your task remotely at any given time when your manager and co-workers are also getting used to doing work from home— and occur to be all managing lot of some other stressors after a global pandemic— might make that a bit more tough hit the earth running. And it also might take much longer before you feel at ease socially for your new lending broker.

However , there are proactive things you can do to make the transition a bit much easier. Give by yourself time to truly feel part of the staff, Bevins affirms. “Everyone requires a little bit of overall flexibility and a significant of fortitude. ”

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What Is Forced Arbitration? Foggy to Know for anyone who is Asked to Sign This particular Clause

You may have heard forced arbitration mentioned inside the news in recent months and decades. That’s not unusual since these kinds of agreements are becoming more common in several workplaces— impacting more than 62 million individuals in the Oughout. S., by the Economic Insurance policy Institute’s estimate— and stirring up intensive criticism via some personnel and promoters.

It’s also probably that you’ve stumbled upon a obligated arbitration position in your own new hire paperwork— maybe you saw the words “mandatory arbitration, ” something about potential disputes, along with complicated-sounding stipulations— and weren’t sure what it all meant.

Read on to master what pushed arbitration documents are, the way you may face them, and the way to navigate these individuals.

Before you keep reading, an important take note: While I are a lawyer as well as interviewed additional lawyers due to story, each case is different. So please consider this a general resource to help you get started and, should you need it, look for personalized tips specific in your situation from an actual lawyer!

What Is Pushed Arbitration?
Arbitration is a way to settle disputes within the legal system that can be used as an alternative to traditional court. When a lot of people think of managing a legal problem, they think of the court method and the unique process where a judge and justice decide the results of a event. Arbitration can be a different process. Like court costs, a third party chooses the outcome of a dispute, although it’s not a new judge or perhaps jury also it doesn’t transpire in court docket.

Instead, a neutral selection maker referred to as an arbitrator holds a new hearing, receives testimony as well as evidence through the parties concerned, and makes a decision in a method that’s generally faster and less costly than litigation. Contrary to in the courtroom where a judge is fitted to a circumstance, arbitration permits the person and/or typically the defendant to choose a decision manufacturer. It’s also usually less proper and typically takes place inside office convention rooms: Parties to a question sit on reverse sides of any table when an arbitrator presides at the head of it. Along with although they usually come from the legal field, arbitrators are not forced to be registered attorneys.

Normally, you can determine whether you would like to pursue arbitration instead of going to court— until you’ve fixed a contract that makes it mandatory. Such a provision is actually a “forced settlement clause. ”

When Would certainly a Forced Arbitration Position Arise in the office?
Today, many business employers include a pressured arbitration agreement within the much wider employment contract they have an individual sign to simply accept a job provide. If you don’t warning a formal occupation contract, your employer can include a pushed arbitration arrangement with other completely new employee documents or within your employee handbook.

It’s important to be aware that you don’t have to indicator a forced arbitration agreement. But remember any particular one employment benefits— and often employment itself— depend on agreeing in order to such a clause. In many cases, expressing “no” to some forced settlement clause will be the equivalent of saying no to your job.

Do you know the Pros and Cons associated with Arbitration and Forced Arbitration?
While settlement is not naturally bad which is a worthwhile substitute resolution practice in many legitimate disputes, forced arbitration can be problematic for employees. Here are a few from the potential concerns:

Appeals as well as Compensation
Like court costs, arbitration can certainly span various days and perhaps weeks. If it’s over, the particular arbitrator issues a decision. Nevertheless unlike court costs, arbitration is often binding and doesn’t provide for appeals. Which means you have little recourse in the event you lose. And also if you get, arbitrators generally issue small compensation honors than can be available by litigation.

Ability to Present Your own Case
Dana Pustinger, a previous California employment attorney as well as business owner, emphasizes that placing your signature to a mandatory settlement agreement eliminates your capacity to fully litigate an issue. Mainly because arbitration does not afford the same amount of time for as well as amount of discovery— i. at the. it restricts the evidence you may submit— settlement can limit your ability to fully existing your circumstance. These narrower rules close to evidence help with a faster process but may in a negative way impact your own personal case when important testimony and paperwork are not included.

Arbitration is yet a private course of action and isn’t going to typically end in public selections the way an attempt would. This is often positive as well as negative with respect to the issues as well as goals involving both sides. In the event that, for example , you don’t need to want a lengthy court process, don’t would like any of the situation of your event to be created public, and also want the difficulty resolved as fast as possible, arbitration relates to the right journey for you.

However that secrecy can also position problems while applying pressured arbitration with employment discrimination cases, affirms Lindy Korn, an attorney in whose law firm targets helping personnel dealing with splendour at work and an early advocatte for alternative challenge resolution with Western New york city. (Full disclosure: I previously previously worked as an link for Korn at The Law Office of Lindy Korn, PLLC for several years and continue being affiliated with often the firm within an advisory function. )

Because arbitration is actually a private course of action, it helps to keep an employer’s alleged misconduct out of the spotlight and allows the company to avoid damage to the reputation. To put it differently, the secrecy required in many arbitration cases means anyone wouldn’t have the ability to warn other current as well as future staff members about splendour, harassment, along with other serious problems at the firm.

An employer who may have a umbrella forced settlement policy may also likely reduce legal costs, but the slow is not genuine. Employees are less likely to earn in arbitration than in judge, and you may realise you are stuck with your personal employer’s legitimate costs in addition to your own when you lose.

What Does a Pushed Arbitration Position Look Like?
The United states Arbitration Relationship, a non-profit organization that provides guidance as well as alternative fight resolution services to businesses throughout the United States, has some types of forced settlement clauses in its web page. In an work setting, you can see something similar to:

Any debate or state arising beyond or about it employment application; occupation Alternative Fight Resolution (ADR) program; occupation contract shall be resolved by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association underneath its Job Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures along with judgment upon the give rendered by the arbitrator(s) can be entered in just about any court obtaining jurisdiction thereof.

American Arbitration Association

The Community for Hr Management (SHRM) also includes a sample forced settlement agreement amongst its sources:

As a current condition of your career at B?RNEL?RDOM, you recognize that almost any controversy or even claim developing out of or relating to your own employment connection with ABC Company or perhaps the termination of the relationship, except regarding… (indicate conditions, if any) need to be submitted with regard to non-binding mediation before any third-party basic and (if necessary) intended for final in addition to binding quality by a private and neutral arbitrator, to get jointly selected by anyone and GRUNDELEMENTER Company.

Modern society for Human Resources Management

As these cases show, vocabulary that refers to claims, controversies, and other disputes with the corporation is a indicate that a compelled arbitration offer may comply with. While you might not exactly want to sign any settlement clause, both the above are decent cases in the sense they will don’t seem to be excessively burdensome for any employee relative to other condition.

What Info Should You Focus on When Considering a new Forced Arbitration Clause?
Arbitration documents commonly point out when, everywhere, and how potential arbitrations will occur. Here are some of the most frequent terms resolved in an arbitration agreement that you can make sure to think of (and possibly try to negotiate):

It prices money to be able to arbitrate, consequently pay attention to who’ll be responsible for these kinds of costs.

Search for language declaring that settlement will follow the policies of the United states Arbitration Organization. In most work arbitration conditions conducted as outlined by these regulations, the supervisor must fork out the arbitration fees 100 %, says Lise Gelernter, some sort of labor arbitrator and member of the instructing faculty at SUNY Zoysia grass Law College. (Full disclosure: Gelerntner trained a labor arbitration training course I got several years ago. )

Don’t indicator anything that might make you entirely responsible for paying for a potential settlement. Look out for terminology that assigns costs of any potential arbitration to the member of staff, complainant, plaintiff, or “charging party. ”

Even if settlement fees along with expenses are usually split between your parties, it might end up being higher priced for you to arbitrate a case compared to litigate the item in courtroom. Arbitrators usually charge any per diem fee, which can range from $1, 000 to be able to $3, 000 (or more) depending on the comarcal variations, the experience and reputation of the arbitrator, and the mother nature of the turmoil being arbitrated.

Location Demands
Sometimes, an agreement can require you to vacation thousands of a long way or even to another country for any actual arbitration. Pustinger affirms that many companies choose Delaware as an arbitration venue due to the fact it’s the “most conducive area for firms, taxes, and bigger companies. ”

As an employee, paying for traveling, lodging, and other kinds of expenses linked to an out-of-state or far-away arbitration can easily add up, regardless of whether you’re not responsible for paying the arbitrators themselves.

And once reviewing a arbitration offer, take note of when a potential settlement would happen and make sure a possibility a burden, fiscally or otherwise, to acquire there. A number of arbitration contracts state downright where a likely arbitration may happen. For example , your preferences . say something such as: “All quarrels between the celebrations will be remedied in ‘ the state of X’ or ‘ X County, State of X. ‘”

But if your employer’s clause won’t specify, consult if they can change it to state that a potential arbitration would certainly take place in the actual county in addition to state the location where the events main the steps arose (i. e. where your job is actually located).

Personal choice of Arbitrator
Unlike in court, events can choose your decision maker with arbitration hearings. When looking at an arbitration clause, be aware whether the term permits you along with your employer for you to mutually select an arbitrator or if only one side gets any say. Would certainly, you including your employer should be able to review a directory of potential arbitrators, research who they really are, propose your own personal top possibilities, and go to a common agreement where one to make use of.

If the offer gives the firm sole capacity to pick a good arbitrator, as well as just to opt for the pool of arbitrators both equally sides will end up choosing from, the corporation could pick out decision creators who are biased in its favour. For example , if your employer is actually choosing the arbitrator in a sex harassment scenario and recognizes that a specific arbitrator frequently chooses against staff members who have lamented of being a nuisance, then your possibilities of succeeding tend to be stacked against you from typically the get-go.

Protection under the law and Therapies
When reviewing a good arbitration offer, pay attention to perhaps the agreement limits the type as well as amount of comfort you can be given compared to what you’d are actually able to get by means of traditional litigation.

You also want to ensure you have the right to an attorney in a prospective arbitration, so steer clear of contracts that want you to waive that will right.

Along with pay attention to words in the offer that speak about signing at a distance rights to help class or even collective activities, which final result when a large numbers of people have experienced the same cause harm to from a business. A class action is often essentially the most efficient method to resolve states of unfounded pay or maybe sexual harassment, for example , so be wary of clauses that will prevent you from getting started one.

A number of forced settlement agreements exclusively mention a category action waiver (or some sort of requirement to only bring any claim when using “individual” basis). But even without specific terminology around category actions, which danger in order to waiving most claims. Due to the fact you’re tallying to arbitrate all likely claims instead of taking them to court, an employer could argue that this means you can’t participate in the class-action legal action.

What Are Your choices When Given a Forced Arbitration Offer?
Seeing a forced arbitration clause in your brand-new hire paperwork can put you on the spot, mainly because you’re enthusiastic and pleased to have a brand new job and want to stone the boat by protesting, whether or not you’re not quite sure may good thing for yourself. You want to prove you’re the invested, engaged team player, but you also need to think of your rights as a staff member. While you may want to think the worst-case predicament right after acknowledging a new job, it’s important to determine what you may be getting yourself into.

If your company asks you to definitely sign any forced settlement clause, there is a few possibilities:

Refuse to indicator the agreement. Doing this implies you danger not being employed, promoted, or perhaps closing whichever deal you might be trying to complete.
Seek out modifications on the agreement. You could try to make a deal the wedding venue for an arbitration, who is liable for costs, the process for choosing the arbitrator, which will types of claims the offer covers (as opposed to with it as a catch-all for any prospective lawsuit), in addition to any other conditions you don’t just like. While accomplishment isn’t assured, you can try to negotiate your personal arbitration arrangement just as you will other career terms just like salary or perhaps benefits.
Sign the agreement. Settlement can be a convenient and less pricey way to establish disputes compared to litigation in court underneath the right instances. And you may not be willing or perhaps able to give up the job in addition to decide they have worth affixing your signature to the agreement to avoid risking the opportunity. Consider that you’re affixing your signature to a joining legal commitment that’s really hard to get from. If you were starting to later harm the commitment in court, you would should show this terms from the clause were being unconscionable as well as that you ended up coerced directly into signing by fraud or duress— normally not an simple task.
When Emily Kearney ended up being hired for attorney beginning in the girl career, the woman former lawyers asked your ex to indicator a obligated arbitration term. “I ended up being so thrilled to start my very own career I signed the required arbitration clause with all my very own other pre-employment paperwork, ” says Kearney, who even now works for attorney with regard to multiple firms and has also since founded Mothergood Company., a online platform and podcast that supports girls through motherhood. “I learned an arbitration clause possibly wasn’t inside my best interest. However since I were feeling like I put no choice, We signed the idea. ”

In that case she learned that some others had made different decisions. “Later, Furthermore , i discovered that any senior affiliate had turned down to sign the settlement provision because he had long been working at the firm a new while” want he was asked to accept it, Kearney says. Although the partners didn’t take just about any action versus him, all people knew that associate experienced said simply no and could explain to the companions were slightly annoyed. In some cases, then, you can refuse to indication a compelled arbitration agreement without losing a career, but know that your decision could have prolonged effects on the relationships at work, depending on the customs of the firm and administration.

Although she never had to exercise often the clause, Kearney realized how many rights she would given up and concluded that the lady wouldn’t signal another pushed arbitration contract. “Now that I have more expertise and in the morning more fussy about this jobs, I would like to think I would refuse to indicator such a position in the future, ” she says.

Yet she realises that the choice would depend practical market as well as her instances. “If I got applying within a great economic climate and could land a different career the next day, Outlined on our site definitely corner out the settlement clause and enquire of not to sign, ” she says. “If Required a job QUICKLY in a awful economy just where jobs were being hard to come by, Rankings probably warning it all over again, ” she adds. “So at the end of the day, this willingness in order to sign would be dependent on regardless of whether I was ALRIGHT walking away from the job present. ”

Realize that refusing to help sign some sort of forced arbitration clause might negatively impact your romance with your company and even hit you up for your job. Nevertheless , signing a new forced settlement clause might also strip you actually of virtually any legal rights you will have against your employer, that could end up being a very costly conclusion in the long run. You should take time to take into account all possibility factors when making a decision— and don’t be afraid to seek support during the process.

What Else Inside event you Do if You’re Not Sure The direction to go?
For anyone who is asked for you to sign almost any paperwork which includes a forced arbitration clause and you’re nonetheless confused about to deliver and how to travel, there are a pair of other things you can apply:

Check Your Regional Laws
Like most laws and regulations, the rules regulating forced arbitration in occupation are changing and different determined by where you are.

Most states carry on and allow for obligatory arbitration with employment elegance and other instances. But with often the increased focus on workplace elegance and harassment issues in recent times, some jurisdictions are decreasing the use of obligated arbitration within this context to shield victims create the workplace less hazardous for all personnel.

As of March 2019, for example , “the The big apple State Human Rights Rules was corrected to stop mandatory arbitration of virtually any discrimination or perhaps harassment declare based on just about any characteristic safeguarded by almost any law, ” Korn says— meaning splendour or being a nuisance based on male or female, race, nationwide origin, age group, and more. A separate prohibition upon mandatory settlement in relation to sexual harassment promises went in effect in New York in July 11, 2018.

Los angeles passed much the same law inside the fall involving 2019. Nonetheless a Los angeles federal ascertain issued a brief restraining get on the costs after company groups went up up against it.

Talk to a legal counsel
The choice whether in order to sign this sort of forced settlement agreement will be personal in addition to depends on many factors. In case you have hesitations regarding signing a great agreement— or any other other conditions might appear around your own contract or perhaps throughout your employment— it’s important to speak with an attorney informed about your situation and legal system.

Most areas have attorney at law bar groups, many of that offer referral solutions for attorneys in a variety of process areas. You can get your local tavern association on the net by searching “X Local Bar Association” and then contact to inquire about work attorneys in the area.

Wading by way of a forced settlement clause can be scary and confusing. Nonetheless understanding the effects of this agreement can help you decide how to help navigate the specific situation and move forward in your occupation.